Bord sécurité exclusif Since its launch in 1972, CABLOFIL ® has always paid a particular attention to the protection of cables and installers. The safe-T-edge and the rounded shape of its wires secure the pulling and the installation of cables. /page/232 Exclusive Safety Edge Efficacité Data Cabling In order to manage data installations and master their complexity, it is necessary to have a high performance cabling system which has the capacity to evolve. With the relevant standards in mind, CABLOFIL® helps design, organise and arrange a variety of cabling systems, whilst also ensuring system safety. /technical-guide/efficient-data-cabling Efficient data cabling Résistance mécanique First and foremost, a cable tray must act as an effective, resistant and durable support for cables. The mechanical performance of all products and accessories is tested against the very demanding requirements imposed by the international standard IEC 61537. /technical-guide/mechanical-resistance Mechanical resistance LET THE SUN SHINE ON YOUR PROFITABILITY When installed, the system is lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand more than 300 km/h winds and extreme snow loads. The Cablofil SPV support system is easily assembled by a single installer with angle supports and hardware pre-engineered for your building. cablofil-spv LET THE SUN SHINE ON YOUR PROFITABILITY Cablofil EZ+ A smooth durable alternative Cablofil has developed an alternative to hot dip galvanised steel wire tray for Class 6 installations with the launch of EZ+, an innovative organic coating applied to Cablofil’s electro-zinc plated steel wire tray system. Cablofil EZ+ A smooth durable alternative Video CABLOFIL 2014 In this new release of the video CABLOFIL® (2014) you will discover the latest innovations from the world leader in wire mesh cable tray: Faslock Auto (bends), Fasclic Auto (lengths), CSN Auto (brackets), Grifequip 2 (earth network), Cablofil SPV (photovoltaic applications), CM100 and Cotfil U (food applications). /play-video-cablofil-2014 Video CABLOFIL 2014

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